Celebrating Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day, May the 4th is almost here!  How will you celebrate?

My now three-year-old daughter asked for a Star Wars Birthday party and so with all the decorations that I bought for the party, we are all set for May the 4th!

Take a look at what I will do for decorating for Star Wars Day!

I bought the following action figure sets for decorating-Episode 4 through 6 and mega piece set (affiliate links)

A Millenium Falcon to hang in our living room

A Death Star to hang in our kitchen

I bought this room transformation kit at Target and at the time I got it on clearance!

Star Wars Day

After decorating for May the 4th, What about food?

Star Wars Day

Star Wars inspired red velvet pancakes for breakfast!

The Last Jedi Crait Cakes by Geekswhoeat

star wars blue milk

Can’t forget about the famous blue milk!

Star Wars Day

BB-8 Bruschetta: A Star Wars: The Last Jedi Inspired Recipe by Geekswhoeat

Star Wars Day

TIE Striker Appetizers by Geekswhoeat

Star Wars Day

Gingerbread Wookie Cookies by Rosanna Pansino

Star Wars Day

Chewie Cake Cups by Disney Family

reys portion bread

Gluten Free & Vegan Rey's Portion Bread

Star Wars Cocktails

Star Wars Day

The Limesaber by Geekswhoeat

Star Wars Day

The Royal Guard by Geekswhoeat

Star Wars Day

Shando Calrissian by Geekswhoeat

Don’t have time to prepare anything? There are prepared things available

Check out Target’s Food Section

From Star Wars Mac and Cheese, Crackers, Pancakes, and Ice Pops

Anyhow you celebrate, be sure to have fun!  What do you like to do?

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