Pressing Pause

Pressing Pause, can we do it?

isabelle and me

As a mom of two little ones, a wife, a grad student, a volunteer, cook, baker, cleaner, and I feel the list goes on.  When does a Christian mom get to connect with God?  I know this is important not only for me, with my relationship to God, but also for everyone that I meet.  Having a deep personal, meaningful relationship with God will also reflect my behavior and attitude with my husband, kids, and everyone else I encounter both in a store/park and driving in the car.

I want to grow more within my relationship with Christ, but when? I am constantly interrupted when I try to do school work-how can I spend time with Him and in His word?

Since we have moved up to New England,  I am so blessed to have found a wonderful MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) group.  No, it is not a Bible study.  It is an outreach ministry.  These women love God and yes not everyone that attends is a Christian, but that’s ok.  Moms are supporting one another with the love of Christ. Within this group I have been blessed to form relationships and fellowship with one another.   One church I attended for five months I only connected with maybe two people and one young family the entire time.  Sunday morning consisted of me dropping the kids of at childcare, go into service, pick up the kids, and leave.  How many people just passed me by?  Oh and no I didn’t have Victor with me, he works Sunday mornings, someone has to.  I was so blessed to have this MOPs group.

It is now summer, and I want to deepen my relationship with Him.  I picked up a few books from Amazon, one that I have started now and I am loving it-Pressing Pause 100 Quiet Moments For Moms to Meet with Jesus.

The daily readings are about a page, something easy to read with your coffee.  This morning’s reading I loved, it was titled The Joneses are Overrated.  Whenever you log on to Facebook or any social media account you see what appears to be a profile-picture-perfect life.  This newsfeed invades our life daily.  I found a song that accompanies by Red called Perfect Life.  However, a few days ago when of my friends posted to Facebook what her kid’s play room look like after a rainy day.  No not every toy was put in a neat orderly fashion, instead it looked like a bomb went off.  How encouraging was that? Her kids room looks like my kitchen, laundry pile in my bedroom, and my kid’s room.

To truly embrace our circumstances, we must decide to stop pleading, “God, get me out of here!” and learn to humbly ask instead, “Lord, why have You brought me here?  What are You trying to reveal to me that I would never discover? ”  Stop looking at the Joneses and look to Christ.

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  1. Oh, Stacey! We are so glad that you found our MOPS group and so happy you have made so many connections. You are an asset to our group and I am so excited to have you on Leadership this year. May we all grow closer to God (and each other) through loving and encouraging the women who God is entrusting us with this year.

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