Milestones and Having Fun

While I am working on my Master’s degree I am also homeschooling our oldest who is 5 years old.  I can’t believe that she will be six in July!  These past few weeks have been absolutely awesome as she has started to learn to read!  We have been working on the fundamentals of sounding out the words and the short vowel sounds.  When she started reading by herself I couldn’t believe it!  To see this my heart just melted and she was so excited that she wanted to read more books!

Milestones and having fun

I am so happy that I am homeschooling, this has become an unexpected blessing.  Our school year has just a few months left as we are on my husband’s work schedule, slower during the winter and busy throughout the summer.  Why we homeschool?

While we have had some awesome milestones in our homeschooling, mama has been having fun with her girls!

A couple nights ago my sister asked if the girls and I could come visit her, sure why not?  The girls were so excited to see their aunt and I know my sister treasured the time with all of us.  We went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and they had a mariachi band playing, we all loved it.

Milestones and having fun

This past Friday I had to drive down to the outside of Boston to have our car checked out, and guess what nothing was wrong with it! Yeah! Thank you!  Well, we made the drive, I wanted to do something with the girls.  For Christmas, my folks gave us a membership to Boston Children’s Museum, so yeah let’s do it!

Oh my gosh, they were so excited to have a day out with Mama and show me around the Museum as I have never been there.  There were so many different exhibits, from dinosaurs to water fun, a color room, an entire area dedicated to Arthur.  We spent about 2 1/2 hours there and by the end of our time after having lunch they were tired.  By the time we got home we all needed naps and when my husband came home it was time for me to take our oldest out to see Peter Rabbit.  She and my youngest were telling Papa all about their day with Mama at the Museum and how much fun they had.  This week has been so awesome not having to worry about my schoolwork…I just keep telling myself I am almost done with school and I know my girls and husband will be so proud.

Milestones and having fun

Milestones and having fun






































What are some of your milestones? How do you have fun with your kids?

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