My story of having a blood clot

My story of having a blood clot was definitely not in our plans…

 After Victor had his interviews with the new company, he called to let me know how it all went.  In the culinary industry, it is typical to have a hands-on kitchen interview.  You can write what you want on your resume, but do really have the skills; they want you to prove your work.  Anyway he nailed both interviews, just like I knew he would!  

    While he was up in Massachusetts, I was down here in Florida preparing things for our move.  I called moving companies and got estimates.  I also started boxing a few things up and getting rid of things that we didn’t need.  My thought was if I hadn’t used it for 5 years, chances are we won’t use it.    

   When Victor came back he was so excited to see us.  We had exactly two weeks to pack up all of our things and get up to Massachusetts for Victor to start his new job.  Talk about a whirlwind!  I told Victor the estimates and we decided to go with PODS.  After that, I started packing as much as I could.

    My sister and her boyfriend came down for vacation.  My folks rented a boat and a paddle board for all of us to enjoy together.  Things were really nice and the weather was beautiful, until the paddle board came out.  My sister’s boyfriend was using the board and it looked pretty easy for me to try.  He said go ahead and try it out!  I was on the board for about 15 seconds and then fell into the water, where my knee hit the sandbar!  I came up to the surface screaming in pain!  I couldn’t move my leg at all to swim.   I went over to the boat to get out of the water and I couldn’t I was in so much pain.  The only way I could get back onto the boat was to use the step ladder.  After the accident with the sandbar, this was the most painful thing to actually use my leg to get back on the boat!!  My knee was completely red and swollen; we were supposed to move in a week and a half!!  My husband and both agreed I had to go to the ER immediately!  After we docked, the men carried me back to the car.  

   When we arrived at the ER I had x-rays in a matter of 15-20 minutes!  Talk about quick.  The doctor then came to me he said nothing is broken.  Oh Thank God!!

   I called the following day to see a bone doctor to follow up-that was on Monday.  Wednesday, I had my appointment.  Thursday morning, I had my first MRI.  Friday, I had my follow up visit with the doctor.  He looked at the MRI and he said I fractured my Tibia Plateau.  He told me that not many people can break this bone and I did it.  He said, if I put any weight on the leg my leg would completely snap in two-like something out of a horror movie!  My jaw just dropped!  The ER said my leg was not broken and come to find out it was!  He told me I was to pick up a brace for my leg at a local orthopedic store.  He said I would have full range of motion so my leg could heel without turning into a peg leg.  I also told the doctor that I woke up that morning with my leg feeling very warm and having no feeling.  He said I had to go to the ER immediately to test for a blood clot.  The doctor told me that this was routine and that 99.9% of cases there is no blood clot.

   We went to the ER and my folks met us there to take the kids.  After waiting and waiting to be seen, they finally did the test on me.  The nurse found a blood clot in my leg!  They said if I didn’t go to the ER, I would’ve died.  My jaw just dropped, I was speechless.  I just gave birth to our baby girl 6 weeks ago and now this.  My mind just raced about what my family would’ve gone through without me.  I thought of my husband and my daughters.  How could all this happen so quickly?

   I was quickly admitted into the ER after my test.  The doctor that was taking care of me was so young; he looked like he was 12, but he was probably in his early 30s.  I asked him if this would’ve happened due to have some of spider veins taken out in the same leg.  He told me no that taking those out was just cosmetic.  I wanted to slap him! I told him no it wasn’t cosmetic- I had them taken out because I was in pain with them especially standing on my feet all day in the kitchen!  He asked me if I wanted to give myself a shot in the tummy to thin out my blood on my own at home or to stay overnight.  Seriously!  I didn’t want to do that on my own!  I just broke my leg and I have two little ones at home.  This is why I have health insurance.  

   After my interesting overnight stay in the hospital, I was finally discharged the next day.  I had to be on a blood thinner for 6 months.  However, after a month on it I started having some bad side effects and I got a new primary care doctor.  I told her about what happened and she told me I would only have to be on a blood thinner for three months.  The only reason I had my blood clot was due to immobility from my broken leg. Blood clots don’t run in my family and after all my broken bones I never had one until now.

   Victor and I talked things over and both agreed that there was no point in me moving to Massachusetts with the girls yet as I couldn’t walk or put weight on my leg.  So I moved in with my parents and grandmother.  

   I took symphytum officinale for my broken leg.  It is homeopathic medicine that I had found in my case of medicine that I bought online.  It said on the bottle to aid in healing from bone trauma.  Yep that was definitely for me.  In the course of 5 weeks, I took 4 bottles. My doctor was in total shock to see how quickly my leg was healing at 5 1/2 weeks since my injury.  For more information check out this http://www.homeopathyforhealth.net/2010/02/16/symphytum-officinale-a-homeopathic-first-aid-remedy/ 

   It has been over two months and I am looking forward to leaving in a week and a half.  I am excited to be reunited with my husband and for the girls to have their Papa again in our new home!

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  1. This is almost, word for word, exactly what happened to me! I slipped and fell and my leg was at a weird angle. I have never broken anything but it hurt a lot and I figured it had to be broken HOWEVER I did not want to call rescue so, with my husband, I WALKED down the stairs and got into the car for the ride to the ER. I walked in. They had me waiting forever and by the time they saw me it hurt so badly I crumpled back into the chair when I tried to stand. After x-rays in the ER they also told me it was not broken but a muscle pull. Oh my gosh! Trying to get back into my house was horrible! We waited over the weekend and went to an orthopedic doctor friend of my husband’s and he could tell just by looking at it that I had a broken tibial plateau. X-rays confirmed it. I also pointed out my swollen, red leg and I was sent straight to the ER where they found a big blood clot. The whole thing was awful but I got through it. I was surprised how similar our experiences were!

    1. Oh my gosh Cathy! I can’t believe how our experiences are so alike! It is so sad that we both had to wait a week to find out our real diagnosis and then have a blood clot on top of it. Thank you so much for stopping by on my blog.

    1. yes this was definitely a crazy time for us. Needless to say I am so done with sports like this.

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