Getting Ready for Homeschooling

I am so excited to be getting ready for homeschooling again!

Next week we start homeschooling again!  I am so excited for this year since we are using My Father’s World Kindergarten curriculum.  She is excited to start up school since we finished Abeka pre-kindergarten back in April.

Why make the switch from Abeka to My Father’s World?  I grew up with Abeka and it was great for me, but for Isabelle, I could see she was bored and there was just so much paperwork.  She is one to learn things on her own.  My Father’s World uses Charlotte Mason techniques while instilling our faith at the same time.

Why homeschool?  While I am at home with the girls, for now, we are taking every opportunity to instill our faith and values into our girls’ lives.  These are things that can help them with their life.

Homeschool room?  Last year we used an empty hallway in our apartment as our homeschool room but our landlord made us move it.  We moved the desk into the girls’ room since the girls have the largest room in the apartment.

Homeschooling supplies? Crayons, items for the dollar store, construction paper (colored and white), kid safe scissors, glue sticks, markers, washable paints, paint brushes, Q-tips, cotton balls, yarn.  I also have pine cones, wooden blocks, and seashells for the girls.

Grades?  Isabelle will be starting Kindergarten and Gabriella will be using the pre-school curriculum from My Father’s World.

Schedule?  We follow my husband’s work schedule which is awesome for our family!  He is the busiest during the summer and fall and slows down in winter and spring so I have planned out our school year to follow this plan.  During the winter and spring, we get to spend more time together as a family.


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