Enthusiasm of Being a Chef Part 1

I am going to let you know this post is a little long, but it is something I am passionate about my enthusiasm for being a chef and will be written in a series of posts.

Some people ask me “Why do you make things so complicated?”, “Do need to go through all that work?”, “I’m may not be a chef, but I do know…” and then there is my favorite (insert sarcasm) “I’m may not be a chef, but this is what I like, or this is what I do.”

Well, you may be an accountant, and I know my bills could be better organized.  Or you may work like a champ on excel, and I am happy to get by with it for school. Or you may know how to do other things, which I can’t.  Everyone has gifts (You get my point right?)

Cooking, everyone should know how to do it.  It is a life skill, everyone has got to eat, and I know we all don’t have the budget to go out to eat every night and day.

One of my favorite movies is Chef.  I can’t tell you how may Cuban sandwiches I made while I was watching the movie and pregnant with Gabriella. One of my favorite parts is where he (chef/father) talks to his son.

“Wait you’re serving that sandwich?” “It’s burnt.”
“Yeah, so they are not paying for it anyway.”
“I know I may not be the perfect father, but what I am sharing with you…this is what I am good at.”
“When people eat my food, they get to experience something I made” “It’s a piece of me.”

I get asked a lot why I do certain things and why should I care…peeling carrots, cutting things a certain way, or just doing so much work (which I don’t look at it as being extra work).

My husband, who is also a chef, at first didn’t understand that I like to go all out for my daughter’s birthday parties. Until I told him, “You are still in our industry, their parties are the few occasions where I get to be creative in planning a theme, cake, and menu”  He understood after I said that.

I was in the industry, working my butt off for close to 15 years and yes there are times that I do miss it, now that we have our family.

I care because this industry is still apart of me.  If I didn’t care anymore, my passion and enthusiasm would leave me.  I care because I want to keep my skills, my passion, my art, no matter who I cook for.  I also care, because of the history of becoming a chef…



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  1. Food makes the world go round and feed them they will come. I make homemade food from scratch with fresh or canned ingredients we have grown. We even grow our own wheat. Nothing I like better than being in the kitchen and feeding appreciative family and friends.

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