Enthusiasm of Being a Chef Part Three, Education

The ACF Apprenticeship

No, I am not talking about any tv show.  The ACF’s apprenticeship program was created in 1974; apprentices were required to demonstrate competency in both works skills and class material.   In September 1976, Larry Tanner, member of the U.S. Department of Labor, reviewed the ACF’s apprenticeship program and asked for an expanded proposal for the Apprenticeship and Training Program.  This program led to the creation of six regional directors, new training sites, new chapters, and working with postsecondary vocational-technical schools.  U.S. military apprenticeship programs were also based on ACF standards.  The apprenticeship program fed into certification, after completion of the program they are awarded the title of certified cook.

Culinary Schools with Degrees

In my opinion, if you are going to go to a higher education institution and earn a degree in culinary, there are two schools: Johnson & Wales University and the Culinary Institute of America.

Now, who was first in offering degrees?  After much searching, like seriously, several emails and phone calls here is the list

1971-Culinary Arts-Associates of Occupational Studies, Culinary Institute of America

1973-Culinary Arts-Associates of Science, Johnson & Wales University

1976-Baking & Pastry-Associates of Science, Johnson & Wales University

1990-Baking & Pastry-Associates of Occupational Studies, Culinary Institute of America

1993-Culinary Arts-Bachelors of Science, Johnson & Wales University

1994-Culinary Arts Management-Bachelors of Professional Studies, Culinary Institute of America

1994-Baking & Pastry-Bachelors of Professional Studies, Culinary Institute of America

1995-Baking & Pastry-Bachelors of Science, Johnson & Wales University

1999-Nutrition-Bachelors of Science, Johnson & Wales University

1999-Nutrition-Bachelors of Science, Culinary Institute of America

2010-Applied Food Studies-Bachelors of Professional Studies, Culinary Institute of America

2010-Culinary Science-Bachelors of Professional Studies, Culinary Institute of America

I attended Johnson & Wales University in North Miami, Florida.  I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts.

Culinary Schools with Certificates

The International Culinary Center (ICC), formerly founded as the French Culinary Institute in 1984 with campuses in New York and California is a 600-hour total program (400 hours on-site, 200 hours’ paid externship*) when completed one will receive a Grand Diplôme, a credential recognized around the globe.  As of 2013, The International Culinary Center and The New School, have made an agreement, which allows International Culinary Center students and alumni to transfer credits towards a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from The New School.

Choosing your education is essential

While I was attending Johnson & Wales University and working as a Teaching Assistant, I discovered I wanted to go into education.  Some will say that you may not need a bachelor’s degree to become a chef, but you never know what the future holds, I say that as I am working on my Master’s in Higher Education Administration.

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