Passing it onto the next generation

At MOPs, last week, we had the chance to do a craft, yeah!  I like doing crafts and now that I am in grad school it seems that I don’t get to do as much as I used to 🙁

The craft was to write out our favorite 100 things!  The song with Julie Andrews popped into my head immediately–ah reminiscing of my childhood.  We had a piece of blank brown paper and we had quiet time to ourselves to list everything off.

My things on the paper ranged from the ability to experience all four seasons, Disney World, our new church, and passing on my childhood memories to my girls.  Then on to my favorite smells of brown butter and hot cocoa.  To my favorite memories of Victor and I and different sounds.  It was during this time, the word grateful, popped into my head.  I have so many favorite things that I am grateful for and these things aren’t really “things”at all; mostly food and memories, not one of them included the internet, phone, and social media.  I have learned to unplug from my phone and step away from Facebook.  To focus on the here and now, my girls, my husband, because before I know it this time will be gone.

I say all this and yet, I am blogging.  This is one of my outlets where I get to be creative and rest.  Rest meaning, not sleeping, but a time to renew my spirit.  The girls and I need to have a couple of hours away from each other and rest.  Their rest at this age is sleep! If Isabelle and Gabriella don’t have a nap-the day is shot and done.  It’s during this time where I write.  When I was a little girl I remember writing in my diary and baking in the kitchen with my mom, and I loved it and now I get to do the same thing as a mom with having my site.

So, passing on my childhood-

This past week I have started reading some of the books I had as a little girl to Isabelle.  One of these books are actually a series written by Elizabeth Koda-Callan.

Before Isabelle went to bed I read to her The Magic Locket.  The awesome thing is that I still have the locket! Thanks Mom!  She loved the book!  I told her this was a book that I had when I was a little girl.  I prayed with her and she went to sleep.  The next morning she asked if I could read the book to her again.  I said, “Ok in a little while.”  It was during this time that I was getting the locket for her!  I placed the necklace in some pink tissue paper, just like what it said in the book.  I then told Isabelle I was ready to read the book to her.  We sat on the carpet in her room and we read the book together.  She loved it even more.  Once we were finished I gave her the pink tissue paper.  She opened it with excitement and said “Mama, this is my locket!”  She wears the locket everyday, but not while she sleeps.  Isabelle said “I’m like Mama, wearing the necklace”.


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