Get in the Picture Momma!

Who takes the pictures in the family? Or more like who wants to take the picture of everyone else?

Yep, that’s me!! I would rather take a picture of my girls, food, nature, or my girls with husband, Victor.  Why?  I never had this issue before?  Is it because I want to get the picture quickly before everyone start moving? Or is it because I compare myself to what I used to look like?  What is it?

After this week’s MOPs meeting and craft, my goal is to get into the picture no matter what I look like.  My girls love me for who I am, their Mama.  Their Mama who makes them surprises; reads to them; teaches them; plays dress up and have tea parties; sings along with them; tickles them; and makes boo-boos go away. They don’t see what I see, the dark under eye circles; under eye bags; acne; messed up mom hair bun; the start of the aging process; and yes, even the extra weight.

One of our coordinators at MOPs wrote this for our photo scavenger hunt:

Starry-eyed is our theme, let’s put it to test

Wonder, Hope and Kindness- themes to bring out our best

There’s more to our story, with the HOPE God will bring

Wide-eyed with WONDER, wild and free is the thing

KINDNESS changes our world, one act at a time

Let’s grab a hold of these things so we’re able to shine

Pick from your group ONE with a SMART cam

Their phone you’ll use for perhaps Instagram?

Use your camera to look around

Hunt for pictures that need to be found

Shoot away and complete the list

Find the moments, you may ordinarily miss

Mom, get in the picture, be creative with your crowd

Share moments of laughter and hold your head proud

When my girls get older (something I don’t even want to think about), what pictures of us will they have or will it be only pictures of them?

To all the Moms out there, step out from behind the camera or smartphone and step into the picture with your kids.  They love you no matter what you look like, they don’t see they stuff we see, they see us.


get in the picture momma


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