We have also called on other baby formula companies to follow our lead to insure that any contamination from soil be eliminated from infant formulas and foods.  So far, no other company has publicly followed our lead in this initiative.   All of this is encapsulated in our Pure10 Pledge http://www.naturesone.com/pure10.

Now, with my second daughter, I planned again to breastfeed for as long as I could, but I was starting to feel the pain in another way.  I felt I was missing out on the time with Isabelle.  She would ask me “Momma, what are you doing”? I would tell her “I’m feeding your sister”  or I would also say “making milk for baby”.  This was hurting me, I wanted to play with Isabelle, as she is 3 years old now.  I had my accident with the paddle board and the blood clot; so I had to be on a blood thinner, at that point I really couldn’t breastfeed.  I decided to try the Honest Organic Formula.

I have used their cleaners, body care, and vitamins, so I thought why not try it out.  First, the dairy was an issue with Gabriella, like with Isabelle.  I also read the ingredient list and it contains organic glucose syrup solids which is disguised as

  1. Corn Syrup Solids are covered by a monograph in Food Chemical Codex under “Glucose Syrup, Dried,” and by an NF monograph listed as “Corn Syrup Solids.” Cornstarch is a Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) food ingredient.

So I went back to Baby’s Only Soy Formula for Gabriella.  Her constipation and gas are gone and all around so much happier.