2023 Word of the Year

Long ago, believe it or not Sprinkles by Stacey was a food and lifestyle blog, I definitely miss writing. The last time I wrote on my blog was in 2021. Wow! Things have been crazy, but in a good way in my life. I finally have some down time and I want to share with you.

I never thought I would own my business, let alone I would be doing it while raising my girls and homeschooling them. Yes, we are still homeschooling and honestly it’s still the best thing we can do for our girls. I bring them into my business as much as I can from color palettes, to cookie cutter shapes, designing, flavors, and packaging. My girls have given me so much grace! There will be a week or two where I book too many orders and they understand, especially if I become over stressed and flip. I, of course apologize to them and make it up to them anyway I can. They know that my cookie business helps pay for music lessons, dance lessons, groceries, dance camp, and now slowly but surely our next trip to Disney.

When I’m not doing cookies, running my kids to their extracurriculars, homeschooling, I help co-lead the Georgetown Chapter of Women’s Business League. I have an amazing co-leader who is a mom of the sweetest 4-year-old boy. She is such an amazing hard worker and fighter.

In all of the craziness, I have prayed about my 2023 word for the year. I want to have time set aside for my family and with God. I look back at the pictures and I can’t believe my oldest will be 11 this year. Everyone in MOPS told me that times goes by too fast. I want to not say the words “I’m so tired!”. I want to feel more at peace. I want more cuddles and fun times with my girls. I want to be able to give back to my community and serve God’s people.

Over the past few years, I am proud of myself for saying the word “No” to people. It is not easy for me to do it, but I have to say it. Every time you say “Yes” to something, you are saying “No” to two other things. I’ll get asked- Can you plan nights out and gatherings? “No, if you are up for something fun, plan it.” I’ll get asked or told in my business, You should do cookie decorating classes for kids. “No, I have tried in the past and the minute the piping bags are cut and the sugar hits their tongues I can’t teach a class.” (Side note here–I do let kids ages 11 and up with an accompanying adult into my cookie workshops, they both require tickets). You see, for me, this has taken years for me to say. In the past, I would say and have said “Yes” in a heartbeat with giving no thought for my own time, sanity, or family. In this new season I am in, I do all my work at night. With all this being said, my 2023 word of the year is “Intentional”.

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